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Registered Agents

It is important to note that you may qualify for a discount in respect of the registration fees for this course. This is especially true for existing agents. In order to determine whether you qualify for such discount, you should contact the Deputy Registrar of APAC directly at

About This Course

The purpose of this on-line training course is to equip agents with the necessary skill, knowledge and expertise so as to conduct the business of an agent in a proper, efficient and lawful manner, thereby enhancing the status and dignity of agents.

The course has been set up as an on-line training platform, such that it can be completed, from virtually any location in the world, at any time and generally at your own convenience. The course contains a detailed explanation of the Act and the Rules in an integrated manner. To this extent, illustrative examples, videos and test-your-knowledge questions are included throughout.

Once you have worked through the modules, you should be in a position to move on to the exam. The purpose of the exam is not only to test your knowledge but also to gauge your ability to apply your newly acquired knowledge to solve practical problems in a real world environment.


Successful completion of the various online training modules does not guarantee the you will be registered with APAC as an Export Agent. Admission is subject to compliance with the requirements laid down by APAC from time to time, which requirements can be obtained and made available to you upon request.

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    May 02, 2016
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    Feb 28, 2021
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