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APAC Livestock Agents – Biosecurity Rules

Registered Livestock Agents

You may qualify for a discount on the registration fees for this course if you are an existing agent. To enquire whether you qualify for a discount, please contact the Deputy Registrar of APAC directly at

About This Course

The purpose of this Livestock Agents - Biosecurity Rules Course is to equip livestock agents and auctioneers with the necessary skill, knowledge and expertise in respect of Biosecurity Rules, which prescribe the required precautions that need to be taken at auctions (as a second level of detection for animal diseases) to reduce the spreading of controlled, notifiable and other animal diseases.

In addition to containing detailed explanations of the Rules, as well as the relevant legislation which relates thereto, this course deals specifically with the following learning objectives:

  1. The background and context of the Rules
  2. The registration requirements of APAC
  3. The responsibilities of auctioneers
  4. The role and appointment of the “Biosecurity Practitioner”
  5. Animal identification
  6. The record keeping and auditing procedures
  7. Biosecurity measures to be followed throughout the stages of auction
  8. The meaning of “good biosecurity measures”
  9. Official reporting of suspect animals


It is recommended that you complete all the modules comprising of this course before undertaking the prescribed exam. The purpose of the exam is not only to test your knowledge but also to gauge your understanding of the content which must be applied to solve practical problems in a real-world environment.

Please note that the successful completion of this online course does not guarantee your admission to the agents’ profession. Admission is subject to compliance with the requirements laid down by APAC from time to time, which requirements can be obtained and made available upon request.

Exam Requirements

In order to complete this course to APAC's satisfaction, you are required to correctly answer at least 75% of the questions contained in this exam.

Take note that you shall only be permitted one attempt at each of the exam questions. Once you've selected an answer and clicked on "Final Check" your answer will be marked and cannot be changed. You are thus urged to take care in selecting your answers and ensuring that you've made the correct selection before clicking on "Final Check".

Should you attain the percentage set out above, you'll receive a certificate of successful completion. If you fail to attain such percentage, you'll be required to re-register for the course.

In order to view your results in respect of the examination, click on the progress tab and scroll down to the examination results. If you have achieved the percentage required to pass the examination (currently 75%), you will be able to download and print a certificate evidencing successful completion, by clicking on the tab titled “Request Certificate” Good luck.

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    May 30, 2021
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