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APAC Fresh Produce Agents - Module 2

Registered Agents

It is important to note that you may qualify for a discount in respect of the registration fees for this course. This is especially true for existing agents. In order to determine whether you qualify for such discount, you should contact the Deputy Registrar of APAC directly at

About This Course

TThe purpose of the APAC on-line training courses is to equip agents with the necessary skill, knowledge and expertise so as to conduct the business of an agent in a proper, efficient and lawful manner, thereby enhancing the status and dignity of agents.

The course has been set up as an on-line training platform, such that it can be completed, from virtually any location in the world, at any time and generally at your own convenience. The various modules contain detailed explanations of the Act and the Rules in an integrated manner inclusive of illustrative examples, videos and test- your-knowledge questions.

Module 2 deals specifically with the Fidelity Fund, Registration and Duties of Fresh Produce Agents, Trust Accounts as well as Improper Conduct and Disciplinary Proceedings. Upon completion hereof, you should be able to meet the following learning objectives:

  1. Comprehend the nature and purpose of the Fresh Produce Agents' Fidelity Fund ("the Fund").
  2. Comprehend the nature and purpose of the Fresh Produce Agents' Fidelity Fund ("the Fund").
  3. Determine when a claim may be instituted against the
  4. Understand how to lodge a claim against
  5. Drafting a sworn affidavit in support of a claim to be instituted against the Fund.
  6. Know how to register as a Fresh Produce Agent.
  7. Identifying the circumstances in terms of which a Fresh Produce Agent's Fidelity Fund Certificate may be withdrawn or lapses.
  8. Understand the consequences of lapsing on a Fidelity Fund
  9. Calculating the amount of money to be deposited for purposes of opening a trust banking account.
  10. Know how to manage trust accounts and perform reconciliations.
  11. Understand the winding-up of trust accounts.
  12. Understand your rights upon being accused of improper conduct.
  13. Know how the Disciplinary Tribunal functions.
  14. Understanding the consequences of being convicted of improper conduct and the consequences.
  15. Understand the Disciplinary Tribunal.

It is recommended that you work through all 4 training modules before undertaking the prescribed exam. The purpose of the exam is not only to test your knowledge but also to gauge your ability to apply your newly acquired knowledge to solve practical problems in a real world environment.


It should be noted that the successful completion of the various online training modules does not guarantee your admission to the agents’ profession. Admission is subject to compliance with the requirements laid down by APAC from time to time, which requirements can be obtained and made available to you upon request.


APAC and its content developers also wish to acknowledge and express their thanks to the representatives of the City of Tshwane Fresh Produce Market in making available and delivering their input on the City of Tshwane Market practices, processes and Rules.

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    Jan 01, 2015
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